Rustopia Official Servers has a strict refund/return policy. We very rarely hand out refunds or corrections if the user is at fault. If the user is at fault, we expect them to get in contact with us straight away. 
If users login to the servers after the purchase of the service, it is considered a successful purchase and services successfully delivered. 
If the user has filed the complaint, we strictly advise to wait for a response from our staff team before using the services. 
If the user purchased the wrong subscription/service/package then they're expected to get into contact with staff and to not use the service as previously stated.

If the package was purchased near the time of a force wipe rotation and it is believed or suspected that the player used the service to preview the upcoming maps, this will be considered as the digital services having been delivered and no refund will be issued.

Once a package has been used it is no longer eligible for transfer. If you have purchased the wrong package do NOT log in to that server and immediately contact support.
Gifted VIPs and gift cards are non-refundable.

A purchase permits the user access to one or more reserved slots or other perks listed for the server listed in the purchase description only and does not exempt the player from adhering to the Rustopia server rules. Should a user be found to be acting contrary to these rules, the user forfeits their ability to connect to any Rustopia servers and will be held to the same standard as a non-paying user. Furthermore, Rustopia Owners reserve the right to prohibit a user from accessing servers without refund of payments made at any time, in accordance with US and International statutory laws. By proceeding with the transaction, you hereby agree to be held accountable to these Terms & Conditions in the event of a charge-back made in your name.  

Please note any deviation from what is stated in these terms and conditions may result in permanent suspension of your account and we will not be obliged to offer any refunds. 
If you have used the services, no refunds of any nature (partial or full) are permitted.

Please be aware that if a fraudulent chargeback is initiated, we reserve the right to revoke your access to our game servers. We take fraud prevention very seriously and will not tolerate any form of fraudulent activity.

If you believe you qualify for a refund/adjustment visit our Discord and create a Payment Support ticket.

Auto-Renew can be cancelled either via the original purchase confirmation e-mail or by visiting here